Company Mission

JLC & Associates, Inc is dedicated to providing exceptional  service to the small business at an affordable rate.  We understand what it takes to operate at minimal costs to allow the small business to be financially successful.  JLC’s goal is to minimize the stress of financial decision making.  Our packages are customized to fit the individual needs of the customer.

Company Overview

JLC & Associates, Inc. is established to provide a solution for small businesses that have a need for an infrastructure but do not have the resources to maintain a fully operational corporate staff.  Our staff has worked with start-up companies for over 10 years.  We pride ourselves on being the small business that understands the needs of other small businesses.  Our business model is applicable to both the government contracting and the commercial sector.


Our services can be obtained separately or as a bundle.  We are flexible enough to fit any life cycle of the small business.  Services can be added or removed as the client sees fit.  We create a customizable transition plan to ensure the client’s corporate staff has a smooth transition in maintaining the quality of operations.

Let JLC relieve the stress of building and maintaining your company’s infrastructure while you focus on making additional revenue.  We look forward to providing all your needs at an affordable price.