3 Tips for Keeping Your Books in Order Before the Holiday Season - Image from Pixabay.com

Entrepreneur Magazine – Matthew Heggem

While it’s easy to put off looking at that stack of documents and those Excel spreadsheets, businesses are often busiest as the last quarter rolls around, and by procrastinating, you risk ruining your holiday season with the undue stress that results from missing funds or disordered invoices.

If you run a small business or are a solopreneur, it can be even harder to get a proactive grip on your finances. When you’re wearing many hats at once — from marketing to technology — you don’t always ask for the help you need. At my accounting consulting firm SUM Innovation, we’ve had clients come to us after their new CPA told them to sort their accounts out. One company had been procrastinating so long that it had failed to file taxes for seven years!